In June 1947 a race between Dick Bennett (Triumph 500 twin) and Don McKechnie (Arial 500 single) was held on the Calder Highway at Carwarp

This match race was to settle a dispute between the two friends resulting in a win to Bennett and the Triumph over 4 laps. Many interested spectators attended.

On June 24 1947 35 people attended the 1st meeting of Mildura & District Motor Cycle Club. Local motorcycle dealer George Winton was elected President. Winton, Alan Melville, Jerry Cornell, Max Robinson and Ron Olsen formed the administrative backbone of the Club for many years.

By November 1947 the District Forrester had made available land to conduct scramble races amongst the gum trees at Johnston’s Bend.

Bush Bazaar’s were held, particularly as fundraisers for the Hospital. Utilizing the scramble track, a newly formed speedway circuit for both motorcycles and rodeo along with speedboat and skiing demonstrations on the river. The chosen location for all these activities was organized by the Forestry Commission to allow the Bush Bazaar’s to be conducted.


In 1956 the Club was selected to conduct the 1956 Olympic 500cc Grand Prix. A road circuit near to the present Mildura Airport was chosen.

Valuable assistance was given through Mildura Shire, particularly the Engineer, Mr. Joe Johanson. The 1st International riders visited Mildura to contest the Grand Prix. The Olympic committee for the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games gave approval for the Club site to be officially known as “Olympic Park” to honour both the Grand Prix and the Olympic ideal.


In 1960, at the suggestion of Jerry Cornell, the Club began providing Speedway for Solos and Sidecars. Riders who had been regular participants and who had done well racing at various locations

included John Seymour, Ab Pike, Alan Melville and Alan Swingler. Riders to excel in the early years of speedway included Solos Alex Nemstas, Phil Sedgmen, Ben Rigby, Rod Lyons and Curly Carmes and Dudley Bradshaw in the sidecar division.


1967 saw Phil Crump begin a career which lasted over 20 years at local, State, National and International level. In that time Crump was to win 4 Australian championships with 2 being of particular significance.


1975 saw Crump win the Title at the Sydney Showgrounds on the revolutionary 4 valve Street/Tighe Jawa.


1979 saw Crump win the Title at the very 1st National speedway Title held at Olympic Park.

With the success of Phil Crump, Mildura became a mecca for Australian speedway. Many riders took the opportunity to begin International careers including Tim Nunan.

Club members had success at other disciplines including Geoff Leighton and Bob Bate in Desert Rally’s.