2020 Victorian Solo Championship Field

2020 Victorian Solo Championship Fields Saturday December 19th at Olympic Park Speedway Mildura

500cc Solos (16) Cooper Riordan, Jordan Stewart, Justin Sedgmen, Aden Clare, Jack Morrison, Dayle Wood, Fraser Bowes, Patrick Hamilton, Brenton Kerr, James Crundwell, Declan Knowles, Broc Hall, John Doolan, Jacob Hook, Dakota Ballantyne, Tom Dixon

250cc Solos (8) Michael Cogdell, Riley Plum, Lewis Monaghan, James Pearson, Jayden Eaton, Jackson Milner, Brock White, Joshua Beetham

125cc Solos (12) Jake Fleet, James Pearson, Beau Bailey, Ashley Jansen Batchelor, Jayden Eaton, Kobi Canning, Riley Plum, Noah Grabham, Jordan Hargreaves, Lewis Monaghan, Olivia Bergic, Harry Sadler Tommy Wright

FIM Speedway Under 21 World Team Final

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Post Annual Dinner Report 2014

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Conundrum solved at Olympic Park

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38th Time for Sidecar Spectacular

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