Olympic Park Speedway will burst back into life this Saturday night with the running of the Monaghan Logistics Gates Sidecar Cup which will be the start of one of the biggest ever season’s embarked by the Mildura Motorcycle Club.
The Gates Sidecar Cup has attracted some of Australia’s best sidecar teams lead by local World Sidecar Champions Warren Monson and Andrew Summerhayes, 2017 Australian Sidecar Champions Trent Headland and Daz Whetstone, former World Champions Mick Headland and Brenton Kerr and local icons Byren Gates and Michael O’Loughlin.
The Gates family name has been part and parcel of the Mildura Motorcycle Club for 40 plus years and is fast becoming one of the more high profile individual sidecar events in the country.
The Mildura Motorcycle club has been lucky enough to secure the two marque events of the Australian Speedway season, the 2020 Australian Solo Speedway Championship on Thursday January 9th and the 2020 Australian Sidecar Speedway Championships on Friday and Saturday March 27th and 28th.
International solo speedway action is also on the agenda in November with two international standard solo meetings with riders from England, Denmark, Poland and Germany taking on local international stars lead by two time Australian under 21 Champion Jaimon Lidsey, local icon Justin Sedgmen and Australian under 21 number two Jordan Stewart.
Mildura Motorcycle Club Spokesman Ryan Sedgmen insists that the 2019/20 season will be one of the biggest yet he added “we have started the season a bit earlier this so the club can fit in as many high quality meetings for the patrons as we can. Running both Australian titles solo and sidecar makes it pretty easy to attract all the best Australian riders and teams plus the seven international solo riders we have coming out in November it promises to be some of the best action the club will see in many years”.
A new initiative by the club for the 2019/20 season will be the Exposed Signage and Apparel dash for cash before each meeting where solo and sidecar teams will do one flying lap to win the $200 cash prize.
The Gates Sidecar Cup will kick off with gates opening at 5pm, dash for cash at 7pm with main racing starting at 7.30pm for more information visit www.milduramotorcycleclub.org.au
Monaghan Logistics Gates Cup (16)
Byren Gates/Mick O’Loughlin
Mick Headland/Brenton Kerr
Bart Stephens/Nick O’Brien
Warren Monson/Andrew Summerhayes
Neale Hancock/Brendan Johnson
Denny Cox/Blake Cox
Darren Howse/Jack Wheeler
Jack Spear/Mitch Spear
Arron Hartwig/Teagan Hartwig
Simon Cohrs/Reece Farr
Dean Hobbs/Glen Zarkowski
AJ Pearce/Eli Bock
Rick Howse/Adam Commons
Trent Headland/Daz Whetstone
Nathan Fleet/Aryton Canning
Mark Radford/Blake Halls

Chris Walker/ Phil Bourne-Bryant
Matt Crundwell/Jamie Crundwell

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